Resonant Recognition Model software   currently not available

Resonant Recognition Model software has been developed on the basis of Resonant Recognition Model (RRM) for Windows environment and is fully owned by AMALNA Consulting.


The RRM software is versatile and covers all aspects of RRM model including: calculation of frequencies characteristic for protein function/interaction, relevant phases, related electromagnetic frequencies in different frequency ranges, identification of functional mutations within protein or DNA and design of novel bioactive peptides/proteins. RRM software can incorporate post-translational modifications like phosphorylation. 

RRM software is delivered electronically, including full online support for software usage, as well as customised explanations regarding RRM applications. The RRM software includes the following steps:

  • input protein sequences

  • transform sequence into distribution of potentials along the protein

  • calculate spectrum for single sequence

  • compare different sequences using cross spectrum

  • compare protein and DNA sequences based on potential distributions

  • find characteristic frequency and phase

  • calculate electromagnetic frequency relevant for protein activation

  • identify functional mutations within the protein

  • design new peptide or protein based on characteristic frequency and phase