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Workshops, Tutorials, Presentations

AMALNA Consulting is involved in workshops, tutorials and presentations featuring all aspects of Resonant Recognition Model, as well as presentations in BioElectroMagnetism:

 - five days comprehensive workshop

 - two days short workshop on either Resonant Recognition Model

   applications or on electromagnetic protein activation frequency

 - tutorials with hands on experience

 - scientific presentations on Resonant Recognition Model

 - scientific presentations in the area of BioElectroMagnetism

 - conference and symposia presentations


Invited presenters at 5th International Symposium 'Biological aspects of complexity in health and disease', Milan, Italy

Participants at Long Cheng conference where Resonant Recognition Model has been presented, Beijing, China

Participants at Resonant Recognition Model  workshop hosted by pharmaceutical industry Humax Ltd and attended by professors from Antioquia University, Medellin, Colombia

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